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Uganda Safaris: Gorilla Trekking, Wildlife Tours, Birding and Cultural Safaris in Uganda

Uganda Safaris are the most exciting adventure when it comes to exploring the untamed beauty and the wild of the Mother Nature. It takes you closer to nature in a unique and fantastic exposure to some of the rare species in the tropical rainforests. Here at Best Uganda Safari, we arrange Uganda safaris to various travel destinations in this East African country. We have a well-trained team full of safari specialists ready to design a remarkable tour itinerary with full details of; activities to do on a Uganda safari, where to stay on a Uganda safari, how much a Uganda safari costs, how to book a safari to Uganda, best places to visit in Uganda and much more.

Uganda SafarisAre you interested in a life-changing adventure in the real African wild places? Then a Uganda safari will quench your thirst to meet nature at its best. Book activities in Uganda like; mountain gorilla trekking in Bwindi forest, gorilla tracking in Mgahinga national park, wildlife viewing/game drives in Murchison park, Queen Elizabeth national park and other parks, birding, Uganda cultural tours like the Batwa cultural visit, nature walks, whitewater rafting at the source of the Nile, chimpanzee tracking in Kibale national park and in Queen Elizabeth national park, bungee jumping, city tours, primate watching adventure and much more.
A lot is offered when you book a safari to Uganda and we are the best tour and travel company to arrange your Uganda safari giving you the flexibility to customize your travel itinerary.

Therefore, feel free to check some of our Uganda safari offers by going through some of our tour packages to various parks in this pearl of Africa. In case you are interested in any travel package then contact us and our reservation team will get back to you as soon as possible.
Below are some of the Uganda safari offers for you!

Best Safaris to Uganda

Frequently Asked Uganda Safari Questions?

Why book a safari to Uganda?

Given the fact that there are few mountain gorillas left in the world, there is no doubt that mountain gorilla trekking in Uganda is the best tour activity in Africa. Since Uganda has the highest number of these primates, it makes her the right choice to trek gorillas. Gorillas in Uganda can be trekked in Bwindi Impenetrable forest and Mgahinga national park.
Uganda is also a haven for other wild animals and exciting travel destinations. Enjoy activities like chimpanzee tracking, wildlife viewing, bird watching, nature walks and more.
Therefore, there are many reasons you should visit Uganda

What is the best time to go on a Uganda safari trip?

The best time to visit Uganda on a safari is between June to September and anytime between December and February. This is because the weather during these periods is dry making it suitable for wildlife viewing and also gives a conducive environment to move through the thick forest.
However, you can also book your safari to Uganda during other months because it can happen and you will have an amazing adventure with us.

What is the cost of a Uganda Safari?

This depends on your travel needs and arrangements. Mainly the cost of a Uganda tour is based on the type of travel activities one wants to do, accommodation (luxury, mid-range or budget), number of days of the safari and other personal expenses. Mountain gorilla trekking is more expensive compared to other tour activities because one is required to purchase a gorilla permit at a cost of $700 per person before trekking the primates.

Places to visit on a Uganda Safari

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