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Solo Safaris – Uganda & Rwanda Tours for one Person

Are you a solo traveler interested in booking solo safaris to Uganda and Rwanda? Well, you are at the best Uganda safari company. We arrange solo tours to various travel destinations in East Africa providing our clients with the best feel of nature and also give them the best value for their money. Although some people prefer traveling in big numbers (group tours), solo tours are one of the most booked trips to Uganda and Rwanda.

What is the meaning of Solo Safaris?

Solo Safaris Uganda RwandaSolo trips simply is a type of tour which involves one person on a safari. Its a one-man trip and this means he/she travels to the destinations along with a tour guide. Its a type of safari that does not involve any other person apart from the only traveler and the tour guide.
Unlike group safaris, a solo traveler meets all the safari costs like the accommodation, transport, fuel, park entrance, gorilla/chimp trekking permits for those interested in seeing the primates and all other safari related costs. This means that silo safaris are more expensive compared to group tours because it’s one person to pay for all the expenses and costs.

Basing on our records, solo safaris are less booked compared to group safaris and this might be due to the high costs of the trip. However, we get many solo safari bookings to Uganda and Rwanda for both short excursions and long safaris.

When to book a solo safari to Uganda and Rwanda

The best time to book a solo safari to Uganda and Rwanda is during the dry seasons (June to September and December to February). This is because of the easy access to the national parks and also the easiness to see wild animals in the various parks.

Therefore; solo safaris are a dream come true for those interested in traveling alone. Go on and book any of our solo tours to East Africa!

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