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Group Safaris in Uganda & Rwanda – Price & How to Book

Are you interested in a cheap safari to Uganda and Rwanda? Then look no further and book one of our group safaris to various destinations in East Africa. Do you want to join a group to trek gorillas in Bwindi forest or Volcanoes national park? Best Rwanda Safari will make this happen with our customizable and cheaper gorilla trekking group tours.

Group Safaris in Uganda and RwandaBut why should any traveler opt to join or book a group safari? There might be many reasons from our perspective but the most outstanding is cost-sharing. When you book a group tour or join one then it means the cost of your safari is reduced since most of the costs are shared equally. For example, if you book a group safari of about 20 people, then it means costs like accommodation, transport, fuel, meals and more are shared. Take for instance if the total cost of a safari for a sole traveler is $1900, then it will reduce to about $700 per traveler once they book the same safari as a group. It’s therefore, cost-effective to plan a group safari to Uganda and Rwanda with us.

Another reason for booking a group safari is that a traveler gets more company while on the trip and he/she gets more fun while in the wild with a group of friends and family. For example; it’s more interesting to go on a safari to trek gorillas or on a game drive through a park in a group of more than 5 people than going alone.

Here at Best Rwanda Safari, we arrange group safaris especially during the peak season (June to September) and we ensure that every person on the group tour gets equal exposure to nature and enjoys a huge discount on the total safari cost. We also encourage our clients to arrange a group tour instead of joining one to avoid getting bored on a safari traveling with strangers.
Go on and contact us to book a group safari to Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania!

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