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Gorilla Permit Booking in Uganda & Rwanda – Price & Cost

When planning for a gorilla trekking safari to Uganda, Rwanda or the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the most essential tool to have at hand is a valid gorilla permit. It is what lets you to trek mountain gorillas in their natural habitat and for you to spend an hour face to face with them, take as many pictures as you can and have an in-depth exploration about their behaviors. Booking gorilla permits is done in two ways; through a recognized tour operator or a conservation agency in a respective gorilla destination, you choose to visit to trek mountain gorillas.

Gorilla Permit Booking in Uganda & Rwanda Note, each gorilla destination has its own set price that they issue out gorilla permit which means, the cost of gorilla permits in Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo are all different.

In Uganda-trekking mountain gorillas is always done in only two places that is Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in the southwest and Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) is in charge issuing out gorilla permits. In Rwanda, Volcanoes National Park in the northwest is where gorilla treks are conducted and Rwanda Development Board (RDB) is responsible for issuing out gorilla permits. In the Virunga National Park-the, park authorities are in charge issuing out gorilla permits.

Prices of gorilla permits

In Uganda, gorilla permits are still at $600 per person-for foreign non-residents, $500-for foreign residents, shs 250000 for East African residents and this is valid till 30th June 2020. From 1st July 2020 gorilla permits in Uganda will be obtainable at $700 per person for foreign non-residents, $600 for foreign residents and shs.250000 for East African citizens. For those of you who are interested in gorilla habituation experience, you need $1500 to secure your permit if you are foreign non-resident, $1000-for foreign residents and shs 750000 for East African citizens. In Rwanda, each gorilla permit costs $1500 and DR Congo issues its gorilla permits at $450.

Procedure for booking gorilla permits

Gorilla permits are booked through a reservation team from a reliable, honest and recognized tour operator or reservation team at Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA). To make the process simpler, we advise that you deal with a ground tour operator and that is why we readily available to assist you to make your dreams come true.
• Get in touch with a reservation team from either a reliable tour operator/company or reservation team at UWA.
• The tour operator or reservation team at UWA then cross checks to find out the available dates you intend to go trek mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.
• The reservation team gets back to you as soon as possible but ensure that all details have been submitted.
• The payment mode will be sent to you by email and the permit will be booked for you. Please make payments as per the company’s/tour operators’ details or details are given to you by Uganda Wildlife Authority.
• Please ensure that you book your gorilla permit early enough and in most cases, a deposit of 30% may be required to help book a permit and the balance left should be cleared within 91 days to your actual gorilla trek.
• Booking permit through a recognized tour operator is usually easier than booking directly with a conservation agency since the process is a bit long. Reserving a gorilla permit through a tour operator is advantageous in that you sit back home and let the reservation team do work. Besides, 80% of all the gorilla permits are given to members of the Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO) and this means the 20% that remains can be competitive for you to find.
• Gorilla permits in Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo are issued out to only visitors who are above 15 years. One gorilla permit is what lets you spend an hour with a habituated gorilla family in the wild.

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