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Chimpanzee Safaris in Uganda & Rwanda Primate Tracking, Cost and Guide

Chimpanzee SafarisChimpanzee safaris in Uganda and Rwanda are on a high increase as many travelers especially primate lovers travel to East Africa to track them in their natural habitats. In Uganda, chimpanzee tracking is next to gorilla trekking when it comes to attracting tourists. This also applies to Rwanda where chimps are seen as one of the main attractions this country has.

Just like mountain gorilla trekking, one is required to obtain a chimpanzee tracking permit before being allowed to see them. In Uganda, a chimp permit costs $200 per person while a chimpanzee habituation permit costs $250 per person. In Rwanda, a chimpanzee permit costs $100 per person.

What is Chimpanzee Tracking?

Chimpanzee safaris are basically tours booked by people/tourists interested in tracking the chimps in their natural homes. Chimpanzee tracking means moving in a forest or national park looking for the chimps. It’s always a wonderful moment when you look for these great apes in the thick tropical rain forests of Uganda and Rwanda. Meeting them in a group makes a primate tour to see chimpanzees a success.

Where to go chimpanzee tracking in Uganda and Rwanda

In Uganda, chimpanzee tracking is done in Kibale forest national park. This park has the highest number of chimpanzees in Uganda and its the best when it comes to viewing these gentle primates. Another destination to trek chimpanzees in Uganda is Kyambura Gorge.
In Rwanda, chimpanzee tracking is done in the Nyungwe forest national park. This park is home to many chimps and it registers very many visitors who come specifically to see chimps in Nyungwe forest.

Best time to book a chimpanzee safari

Chimpanzee safaris are best booked in the dry seasons in both Uganda and Rwanda. This is the period between June to September and December to February. This is because chimps are easily seen in the parks during the dry season unlike the wet season when they hide. Its also because the roads that lead to the parks where chimps are found are easily accessible and in better conditions.

Therefore, chimpanzee safaris in Uganda and Rwanda are the best primate adventures to book in 2021.

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