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Bird watching in Uganda – Where to go birding Guide, Cost, and How to Book a Tour

Bird watching in Uganda is one of the fast rising tour adventures in East Africa. With an ideal and great climate suitable for nature walks, Uganda is one of the leading birding destinations in Africa. Are you interested in viewing the rare species on your birding tour? Look no further and book a trip to this East African country. After the recent survey, Uganda is believed to have over 1,000 bird species which are spread across its various birding destinations. It’s clear that over 30 birding sites in Uganda are well maintained and reserved for birders to come and see them and also take some memorial photos.

Why Visit Uganda for Birding Tour?

Bird watching in UgandaAlthough Uganda is a great place to do numerous tour activities like gorilla trekking, birding is one the best and exciting adventure to do on a Uganda safari. Visit Uganda for birding because this country has the best birding sites with over 1,000 different bird species including those that are endemic bird species.

Also a bird watching safari to Uganda is relatively cheaper compared to other countries and here at Best Uganda Safari, we arrange them at a fair cost. We also have birding experts to help you identify and view the rare birds while in the tropical forests of Uganda.

Why is Uganda the best Bird watching destination?

With over 30 birding destinations, Uganda is believed to be a favorite home for most of the birds including the endemic species which are not found in other countries. Some of the reasons why these birds prefer Uganda include;

  • Location and Climate: Uganda is located along the equator and it’s known to have the best climate for bird life. This pearl of Africa is blessed with fresh water, tropical rain forests, great vegetation which favors birds to stay live in Uganda
  • Diversity of Bird habitats: Uganda has very many destinations where birds find home to stay with other species and this is one of the reasons why Uganda is a home to many bird species.

What are the bird species to view on a birding safari to Uganda?

Some of the bird species to view while on a safari to Uganda include; Shoebill, Karamoja Apalis, giant kingfisher, mountain greenbul, African green Broadbill, Nahans franolin, crowned hornbill, grey crested crane, short-tailed warbler, black bee-eater, goliath heron, martial eagle, secretary bird, brown chested pullover, Rwenzori Turaco, western green tinkerbird, and many more

What are the birding destinations in Uganda?

While in Uganda, it is common to see a bird flying over because these birds are spread all over the country. However, there are places with well organized and many bird species to be viewed including; Bwindi Impenetrable national park, Queen Elizabeth national park, Budongo Forest, Mabira Forest, Kibale Forest national park, Mabamba Swamp, Bigodi wetland sanctuary, Mpanga Forest reserve, Semuliki national park and more.

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