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Budget Gorilla Trekking Tours – Uganda, Rwanda & Congo

Are you a budget traveler and interested in trekking gorillas? You are at the right place because we arrange budget gorilla trekking tours to see these rare gentle apes in Bwindi Impenetrable national park, Mgahinha national park, Volcanoes, and Virunga national park. Our primate safaris to these East African countries are not limited and our itineraries both short gorilla excursions and long tailored tours to trek gorillas are fully customizable. This gives a client chance to edit his/her trip to suit and include all the adventure activities he/she wants to do.

Budget Gorilla Trekking ToursGorilla trekking is one of the most expensive activities to do in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo. This is because of the additional gorilla trekking permit one has to obtain before he/she is allowed to track the gorillas. A gorilla trekking permit costs $700 in Uganda, $1500 in Rwanda, and $400 in Congo. The cost of these permits makes gorilla tracking activity more expensive compared to other activities like wildlife tours. This is the reason why some primate lovers opt for the budget gorilla trekking tours to minimize the safari cost.

Best time to Book a budget gorilla trekking tour

Although gorilla trekking adventure can be a success all year round especially in Uganda and Rwanda, we always encourage our clients to book a gorilla safari during the dry seasons of June to September and December to February. This is because the roads to the various parks where these primates are found are in god conditions and accessible and also the gorillas are easy to trek during the dry season in the thick forests.

Therefore, its always a life-changing experience to spend some time with the rare mountain gorillas in their natural habitats, and all this can be arranged by Best Uganda Safari team.

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